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Roasting - The secrets of the blend Roasting - The secrets of the blend (2012-01-06 12:16:00)

Roasting is a vital stage in creating a Nespresso Grand Cru, as it reveals the full aromatic and flavour profile of the green coffee beans. Nespresso has developed a specific roasting profile for each blend, to bring out the unique properties of its origins.

• Correct roasting depends on finding the roasting time and temperature best suited to the entire blend, allowing the characteristics of each origin to be fully expressed.
• Poor roasting can ruin the finest Grand Cru coffees 
•During roasting the green coffee bean dehydrates completely and its colour changes from green to ochre, then brown to almost black.
• With the heat, the coffee bean expands and the caffeine content increases.
• The acidity and body develop slowly and then diminish, while aromas reach their optimum quickly before decreasing.
• The bitterness develops continuously.

Nespresso uses the complex technique of split-roasting in some of its blends.

This consists of roasting each origin separately to allow them to develop their full potential.
Although more difficult to carry out, this technique offers incomparable results.